Customer Reviews

Specializing in Micro Match Rubs, BBQ & Hot Sauce 

John G. from West Virginia - We complimented a whole hog at my sons graduation party with jarhead BBQ. I have had a countless number of people ask me where I got it. My opinion is this is a competition grade sauce. Getcha some and enjoy it.

Julia C. from Montana - The Grunt has a definite bite...yum but Wow!! The WM is sweet with a kick....AWESOME SAUCES for sure!!! :)

Brian B. from Virginia - I used the Grunt BBQ sauce last night....this sauce is amazing....definitely will have this on the ready....

Elsy B. from Virginia - Ok, the "Grunt" BBQ sauce is a bomb. Fit it's name. Will definitely buy it.

Isaiah - I bought the sweet n' spicy bbq sauce and I must say it was by far the best sauce I have had in awhile. Now if you are looking for a really hot sauce this isn't the one for you but it does have just the right kick to light a flame under you. I will be buying more without a doubt it was so good on my wings.

James  W. from New York - I received the sweet BBQ sauce as a Christmas gift and didn't know what to expect as I've never heard of Jarhead BBQ. When I tried it, I was absolutely floored. This sauce is great on EVERYTHING! Now I'm a customer. It's not my everyday sauce, but when I want something special, this is it!

Marc G. from New Jersey - Great Seller

Luke D. from South Carolina - my customer and helpers love the BBQ...Airwinger is the best, it's like nothing I've ever tasted.

Chris from North Carolina - The WM Sweet N' Spicy is  like no bbq sauce that I've ever tried before. It's great on chicken but I like it best on salmon.

L. from Virginia - I don't usually like BBQ but these sauces have changed my mind.

James W. from Virginia - Man, my friends love your sauce and ask me to pick some up every time I come through town.